Friday, November 14, 2008

Jessica's Baby Shower

All the girls...sisters.
Papa & some of his grandkids
Me and you think we look alike?
Hudson and his Papa
Mimi and the baby
Kendal and Carsyn's 1st time meeting their new cousin
Doesn't Jessi look so cute??

This last week I went to Sacramento for my sister Jessica's baby shower. I had such a fun time being with all my sisters, brother and my parents. We had a great time shopping, cooking, eating and just talking. Jessica got some great things for her shower and her little girl is going to be so spoiled. We can't wait to meet little Lucy! Wyatt was nice enough to let me fly up to Sacramento for a week with just Hudson. It was such a nice little break from two kids. Wyatt stayed home and watched Crew. Crew had so much fun spending time with his daddy. Thanks really are the best husband/father anyone could ask for!


  1. Please can I see this baby in person! He is simply adorable. You look great Jenny!

  2. Jenny you are so *hawt* Let's get together soon!

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  4. Good thing you choose the picture where you look HOT and I look Drunk!

  5. you look great!

    i as just reading your side thing, "about me"... i had no idea you guys were going to dental school. do you have any good news yet?

    scott applied a while back - didn't get in. decided not to do it and did appraising instead. but has just decided that he really does want to do it so we are giving things another try. we will apply next year - this year he is going to retake the DAT. so exciting! ugh.

  6. Sounds like so much fun! What a beautiful family you have!! You fit in very well. I love that kitchen by the way! You look great & Hudson is getting more adorable with every post! :) Love you guys!! Miss you tons!

  7. So fun! All you sisters are so pretty and so grown up! My mom said it was great seeing you all! I'll be up there for thanksgiving too bad we all can't meet up, I'm guessing you won't be back up there. Love your new picture did you take some for an announcement?