Sunday, May 11, 2008

Graham Taylor Montgomery

We just wanted to Congratulate Wyatt's sister, Jessica and her family on there new adorable addition to the family. Graham was born on May 9 at 8:01pm. He is beautiful. All I have to say is Jessica is AMAZING! She didn't get to the hospital until 7:45 that night and had him 16 minutes later all natural just like her two other kids, they didn't even have time to get an IV in her! We cannot wait to meet the newest addition to the Dannels side of the family in a few weeks. Congratulations Montgomery Family!!! We love and miss you guys!


  1. They went with Taylor.
    Jenny I got my glider from Walmart (it's storkcraft), way cheaper than babiesrus! The padding is not the greatest, but I figure I'll just put a pillow behind my back if I have to. It has arm padding, but they sent me the wrong size, so I am in the process of getting the correct arm padding sent to me.

  2. Congratulation Bryan and Jessica on your adorable baby Graham. I love his name!