Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Butterfly House

Today Mallory, Crew and I went to The Butterfly House. It was such a neat experience. There were so many beautiful butterflies that I never even knew exsisted. Crew absolutely loved it, he was just cruising around the place looking everywhere for butterflies. But they keep it so humid in the Conservatory so towards the end I think we were all just ready for some fresh crisp air. We all had such a fun day. Thanks again Mallory for joining us!


  1. That place looks awesome! You're too cute to be pregnant, and we LOVE Jason Maraz!

  2. you look so good!! i miss you.. this summer feels so weird..are you EVER going to come to Utah and stay with me?

  3. Sounds fun! Wish we could have joined you. That cocoon thing is disgusting