Tuesday, November 13, 2007

laughs & giggles

Photo and video editing at www.OneTrueMedia.com
We were lucky enough to watch Jane and Jack for Nicole and Jevin while they went to New York with my parents for a little getaway. We had so much fun with them and little Janie kept us oh so entertained. She is the cutest little girl and says the funniest things. We had such a fun time with 3 kids for five days. We were always busy but had so much fun. It was also nice having them around because Crew was so entertained by them which was really nice for a change.


  1. Hey- thank you so much! We really appreciate it. Luckily for Remi, both grandmas ran out the day he was born and bought him all sorts of boy clothes so we're set. But thanks again!

  2. They both are so adorable!!Boy do I have cute grandkids. It was so great of you to watch Jane and Jack. We're so excited to see Crew in a few days. He needs his Mimi! Love You

  3. That video made me miss Crew so much! He is so adorable! Hes just so happy.
    I think he is starting to look like Wyatt's baby pictures.