Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our trip to AZ!

I had to make a trip down to Arizona to find a place for us to live when we move back down there the end of August. Crew and I had so much fun hanging out with the Dannels and seeing some of our friends. We are so excited to come back to Arizona!
Thanks Nana for my new toy. I love it!!Papa & the "Cruiser"
Nana & Aunt Randee at Oreganos...our favorite!!
Uncle Shane & the Baby
Crew fell asleep reading the Costco Ad's...he was tired of running errands
Crew and his little girlfriend Lyza got to play for a little bit before we had to get on our plane to go back to Colorado...we are going to miss the Yetter family when they move to Ohio!!


  1. He is the biggest boy! =) We love you guys!

  2. You guys are coming back to AZ? That's so awesome!! Crew has such a sweet smile! Hope to see you guys when you come home! Also, if your you're still looking for a place, I can help you out!

  3. ok- i'm a bonehead. I posted a reply but it's under the fun times in granite bay post. :)