Sunday, July 1, 2007

Our Newest Hobby

Wyatt and I have recently picked up a new hobby... Tennis! We love it and have also recruited some of our friends to join us. While Wyatt was working the other day I went to Wal-Mart and bought us some nice racquets for a whopping $12. I thought that was such a good deal for our first tennis racquets. We found some really nice tennis courts just down the street from our house that are kind of hidden down a path by the creek. They are really nice and we love them because they are so private. It feels so good to be actively doing something fun outside!!


  1. we love tennis too! Its such a agreat sport that you can always play, even when your an oldie! So you guys have about a month left or so! crazy! that went fast. are you excited to move back to AZ?? thats exciting that wyatt is doing dental school now, and finishing at ASU. We might see you there soon.... we'll let you know! Hey if i was to transfer to nordstrom there, should i go to the chandler one or the scottsdale one?? and which department would you go to?? I think im done with cosmetics, and if i cant transfer down to my line im with now, then I dont think i will want to stay in cosmetics. let me know :)

  2. hey! i thought wyatt had decided on podiatry school. did he change his mind? are you guys still loving colorado? crew just keeps getting cuter and cuter...
    rick and i were just talking about starting to play tennis at the local court. cruz has his own racket and he loves it!

  3. I just wanted to know if I was keeping it clean.So I rated it. I am glad that I did I feel good that I am rated g.
    I so excited to see Crew. He looks like a little man. So what's on the agenda when we are in cali ? Just give me a heads up on our plans. Happy 4th!!

  4. Fun! You guys will have to teach us, we play a pretty mean game of raquet ball every now and then, it would be fun to try tennis!