Monday, April 2, 2007

Crew's Birth Announcment

My friend Brooke Nelson took these adorable pictures of Crew for his birth announcements. I have got a few of them made so far in between feeding him, doing laundry, making dinner, cleaning the house and running errands. It is hard to find a lot of time at once to just sit down and get them done. My goal is to get them all done and sent off by the end of this week.


  1. Those pictures are so cute. Isn't being a mom so much fun!? It is busy as can be but so worth it! Crew is adorable!

  2. ADORABLE!!! Those are the cutest pics I have ever seen. Can't wait to get one in the mail :) Love ya!

  3. hey ! im so excited you guys are coming to utah! yeah finally! haha im way stoked to go to dinner all together tomorrow night too. that will eb alot of fun, and then we can see your little crew too! yeah im so happy ::) anyways call us so we know when your here. i dont have work because its my day off so its perfect!

  4. Hey! Make sure to send Crews announcement this way! Heres our new address
    1746 s reseda
    gilbert az 85296
    He is the sweetest baby!You guys are so lucky! and keep me updated on how the blanket business is going!!

  5. cute! she did a really nice job! hey how did you get that cute page backround?? love that print