Friday, April 13, 2007

BeachHouse Getaway!!!

Wyatt and I had a trip to Puerto Rico planned for this weekend but our plans changed and we decided to head over to California to my parents BeachHouse with our friends! We invited Jamie, Marcus and Lyza Yetter, and also Brooke and Riley Nelson. We had such a fun time hanging out on Balboa Island, going to my personal favorite..the OC Swap Meet and going to the Beach. Crew had so much fun riding in the little bike trailer that was pulled by his dad while Brooke and I enjoyed riding our "tandem" bike. I was in front so i did all the steering and almost made us crash a few times...I never thought it was that hard riding a tandem bike. It was also so fun seeing some of my family. It was so cute to see Jane with Crew. She loves helping me out with him. She calls him "Trew Bug" and we have no idea where she heard this. It is the cutest!

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