Friday, July 11, 2014

California in July

Bruxie for dinner with Tori & kids

All of us girls went up to LA for shopping, fun, dinner and to see the play "ONCE"

started the day off with Pedicures

met up with Tiff and Sachia at the Spectrum for dinner and shopping

shopping at Nordies with all these cute kiddos

Thanks to Uncle Rick for the Ice Cream


we love our brother

Got to see this cute girl at Pines Park!

Ice Blocking fun

Lyla & Navy Naves twinning it up

These tubes were a hit at Moonlight Beach

my surfer girl

Hot Dogs and S'Mores at Doheny

Wyatt got pulled over for running a red light and the cop let Wyatt off and gave all the kids a GC for a free slurpee at 7-11

Wy had to leave early so he flew home a few days before us

Everyone loves Lisa Mama!

Bagel Shack is a must while were in CA

San Diego Zoo with the Jensens


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