Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend BeachHouse Trip!

walking the San Clemente Pier

Met up with Lisa & Ty (& Liv) at Baja Fish Taco for lunch

happy together Lyla + Navy beans

Awkward teeth boys...Crew + Luke

Lunch at a yummy mexican restaurant before going to the Mormon Battalion Center

just her size.

Wyatt really got into character at the MBC

mining for GOLD

Thank goodness we don't have to wash our clothes like this anymore...then I'd hate doing laundry even more than I already do

My gorgeous mom + I at dinner in Encinitas

Pacific Coast Grill

Old Town San Diego shopping

Cruisin' in her new VW Bug Navy bought from her cousin Luke for $20

Saladang Dinner Reunion with my Pasadena Friends

Fun playing Basketball on the beach in Camino Capistrano

Nick's in San Clemente for Birthday Celebrations

The birthday girls. Me + Mom + Lisa
 ::Moonlight Beach in San Diego for Memorial Day::

some ladies brought a stereo and were doing Zumba on the beach...look who decided to join them.... : )

my beach baby

Liv & I kept sending Nicole selfies of us to make her jealous we were together (Jev + Nicole were in Europe)

fun afternoon walking around the Dana Point Harbor
It's always a non-stop party when we go to California. We love seeing all our family and getting stared at and comments made to as we all parade around town. "Are you all together?" "Do you think you need more kids?" hahaha...
It was a week long birthday celebration for me, my mom and my sister Lisa. We partied every day. It was the perfect birthday and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. 

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