Monday, September 16, 2013

Crew + Mommy Date

our view from our amazing seats

couldn't leave home without his glove

I love this boy of mine. Lucky to be his momma!

The 9th inning we moved down right by the dugout. Crew loved being so close to all the players and was SO into the game!
My friend Rachel gave us 2 tickets to the Diamondbacks game for Saturday night. Since Wyatt had to work Saturday and comes home exhausted I decided to take my little Crew on a date. We had such a good time together. Crew was so into the game, asking me questions about the players, their names, how old they were, etc. He wanted to know how old he has to be to play in the MLB. I think he's interested :) I kept asking Crew if he was ready to go and he never wanted to. He said he wanted to wait until it's "really over." We had a great night together and I think he thoroughly enjoyed his one on one time with his mom. I sure did! I love this boy and all the fun he brings to our family.

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  1. I loved getting all caught up on your life, you guys are way too cute! It looks like AZ is treating you well!