Friday, July 5, 2013

Move to Arizona

the amazing view of the Gilbert Temple from our front yard
Our new home.

We moved to Arizona on July 5th after we stayed at the Beach House for a week. Wyatt was out selling alarms in Texas while me and the boys packed up our whole house and moved almost everything into our pods. I had to get over to Arizona to get the boys registered for school and to find a house for us to move into. For about 3 weeks we stayed at Wyatt's parents house until we found something that was just right for our family.
 I finally stumbled upon honestly "the perfect house" for us. It has a pool, 5 bedrooms and a huge loft for all the kids toys and they even have their own TV with their Wii hooked up. It couldn't have worked out any better. Our landlord is amazing...LDS and so accommodating! Did I mention our house is BRAND NEW? I finally got the kids registered and am finally starting to feel like we have some sort of routine again. YAY!!!

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