Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Memories in pictures from the hospital

Wyatt's first cast
The hospital doesn't allow kids 12 and under to visit but I made sure Wyatt's biggest fans could come and see him!

Aunt Kelly had the boys color Wyatt a picture before they came to the hospital and isn't this the cutest thing ever Crew drew?

Marcus came to visit...

The first time Wyatt had his feet off the bed

Jeff and Megan came and visited Wyatt

Ryan and Wyatt

The first cast with out the fake foot attatched

The second temporary prosthetic Wyatt got on the third day in the hospital. It felt so much better to him

Friday in the hospital

Finally getting to come home. We missed you Wyatt!!


  1. Thoughts with you and your family! You're such a strong mama:)
    He looks amazing and your kids are adorable!!! That last pic of you two is great!!

    Random Follower- Madison.

    Maidson & Ryan+1

  2. Jenny I have just been tearing up reading about this and my heart just aches for you! I can't imagine going through this and no one should have to, but you and Wyatt have been amazing and I can't believe your strength in handling this huge challenge. You have the most beautiful family and your kids are so lucky to have such amazing parents!! We have been thinking about you two so much and praying for you. We think the world of you!! Hang in there and be strong!! xoxo

  3. Jenny, thank you for posting these family experiences. You have a wonderful family and cute kids.
    Really tough unscheduled events in your life.
    I admire your determination and strength to share these times.
    We hope that Wyatt will soon be able to resume his studies.
    Best wishes,
    Neil & Lori

  4. Jenny,
    I don't know you but your strength and courage (wyatts also) are such an inspiration. My rough days are piddly and then I come and read your blog and its always so uplifting and i can feel the spirit in your words. Best of luck to Wyatt and your cute little family.


  5. This was hard to see. We're thinking about you and your family and send our very best. You've been amazing and so inspiring through this.

  6. I am Dustin Gibb's cousin and I stumbled upon your blog. i just want to say that your writing is so powerful and I'm so impressed by the strength you both have. My cousin Lynsi just got her leg amputated as well, and I just look up to both of you for your faith and outlook during this trial. Our prayers are with you..Keep writing because you are changing lives!
    Lacy Gibb Bennett

  7. Wyatt is standing already? Amazing strength. Keep fighting you two. Much love and prayers. :)

  8. I'm shocked with how much Wyatt did just in his short hospital stay. And Wyatt looks really really happy in each picture... wow. Thank you for sharing your experience. These posts have been very inspirational. I think of you two often each day. Love Allie