Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Annenberg Beach House

Henry & Alex. Cute little buddies.

Amber, Henry, Whitney and Alex

Crew and Hud thought it was so cool that they could wear life jackets

Sachia, Whitney, Amber and Jill

Jill, Me and Sachia

all the cute kiddos on our fun day!

Last Monday a group of us girls went down to Santa Monica to the Annenberg Beach House. This place was amazing. It was only $1 to get in and they had everything any little one would love. Splash pad, pool, free life jacket rentals, yummy cafe on the sand, playground and their own paved walkway to the beach. We loved this place and will for sure be back. Summertime....please don't end!!


  1. This place looks awesome! I'm loving all the fun places you are going this summer!
    How funny that the boys wanted to wear life jackets!

  2. Looks like the life perseveres kept them safe.