Monday, February 20, 2012

Girls night

 Thursday night was by far one of my favorite girls nights out in a while. We started our night out at Wakano for some delicious sushi and then ended the night at Master Wong's for a much needed full body massage. The best part about the massage is that it's only $15 for an hour. We were all seriously in heaven and are now turning this little outing into a once a month thing. I can't wait for next month already! (sorry...iphone pics)


  1. So much fun!! I love it and can't wait for next month.

  2. what a fun night! Master wongs is a great experience for sure haha. You girls are all so darling and I miss seeing you! Glad I found your blog:)

  3. OH MY GOSH>>>SUPER fun night filled with giggles. Sitting next to you MADE it all worthwhile. Secondly.....cute blog! Why am I not on here every day?? Lastly, there something you forgot to tell me about your daughter's NAME???????