Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Shower

Megan helped organize my lovely shower and made the cutest invitations

the spread.

My beautiful niece Paige and 3 of my 4 sisters with my Mom...thanks for all the help with my shower. The food was fabulous!

Megan and thankful for this special friend in my life!

the yummy dessert table. Everything was amazing!

My Mom and sister Nicole made these and they were so yummy and oh so fancy!

A delicious homemade cake by Suzy Tervet that was too die for!

My dear friend Sachia (so sad I didn't get a picture of us together) Thanks for everything! You really know how to make a girl feel special!

We played a cute game where everyone got a circle and they had to scratch off the middle to see what number they got and then I would call out a number and if they had the number Sachia would ask them a question about me...Megan won! Such a cute idea!

this little girl has so many clothes, I sure hope she gets to wear all of them!

My cute mom who spoiled my little girl rotten!

She will be coming home from the hospital in this precious outfit from my mom.

My friend Paige made this adorable print that will show all the baby's info when she is born. Such a cute gift!

My friend Courtney and I...we go all the way back to Esthetics school in Provo. I love this girl so much! I'm so grateful that we have always kept in contact. She is super special to me! (and got me the cutest Juicy outfit with a headband to match) She knows me too well!

These girls outdid themselves and got me the cutest petunia pickle bottom Ergo.

My favorite flowers were and white hydrangeas.

My sister Nicole made me the cutest onesies (one for each month until she turns 1)

Angela and Brittney drove from Arizona to spend this special day with me and spoiled the heck out of our little girl. And if the shower gifts they got me weren't enough, they cleaned my whole house while they were here and brought home more gifts from Target. I am so thankful for them in my life and for all that they do for me.

Baby's first Fancy Nancy book from Britt and Angela

Britt and Angela made this cute headband holder with a million headbands on it and inside! This girl will never go without a bow on her head!

Brittney, me, and Angela with all their goodies they got me.

Do you think she has enough accessories? I don't think a girl can ever have too many...

love this blanket from Kate.

My friends Megan and Sachia and my sisters and mom helped to throw me this fabulous baby shower in honor of our new baby girl who will be arriving in January. They did such a great job and everything was just perfect and the food was delicious! I felt so special to be surrounded by such great friends and family who love and support me. This little girl is already so loved. I am so excited but nervous at the same time to bring another special little spirit into this world. I am overwhelmed with emotions for some reason of raising a little girl since it's going to be so new to me. We are so excited to have some pink in our life and we know that she is going to be such a great blessing to our family. I can already feel the love that Crew and Hudson have for her and know that she will fit in just perfect with us! I can't thank everyone enough for helping with my baby shower and for how beautiful it was. I love you all!!


  1. You have really great friends! ANd you look amaze! Can't wait to see pictures of her. :)

  2. I'm so exciting for you guys! Girls are too much fun!! And I don't think I've even seen a prettier pregant momma! You look amazing!!

  3. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it, but I have gift for you. Hopefully I'll see you soon!

  4. Your shower was AMAZING. That house? Holy moly. Can't wait to meet your little girl!

  5. What an amazing shower! I also have a gift for you, it has been sitting wrapped on our book shelf for weeks since I knew I wouldn't be able to make it, due to Lincoln's arrival!

  6. You just made my day :-) I love you my little Jenny!

  7. Super cute. I wish someone had thrown me a girl shower. I guess I'll just live vicariously through yours. Love it. :)

  8. I'm so happy you had such a wonderful shower. I'm so excited for you to gain a daughter. Love you, Jenny.