Monday, October 24, 2011

Montgomery's visit California!

Breakfast before the Montgomery's big day at Disneyland

Weston's first BIG roller coaster ride

Graham, Hudson, Bristol and Crew
So excited!

The whole gang (minus prego me) getting ready to ride Toy Story Mania...a favorite of everyones!

Crew, Hudson and Weston under the grizzly in front of the Grizzly River Run ride

Crew and Hudson always have to get a map and tell me what ride they want to ride next

Goofy's Sky Coaster

Grizzly River Run (so glad they all took Crew on this ride finally. Everytime we go to Dland he wants to go on this but I never want to get soaked.) Luckily no one was too wet after.

Handy Manny

In front of Hudson's favorite ride...Monsters Inc. (Can you tell it was a little sunny in their eyes?)

Cousins + Uncle Brian

Waiting in line for the Matterhorn


Bug's Life 3D Movie

Tower of Terror (I finally got Crew to go on it again and Hudson went on it for his first time too) Hilarious!

Tower of Terror Hollywood Hotel

Papa and Nana with 5 of their 9 grandkids

Everyone loved Finding Nemo

Best Buds...Crew and Weston

Scary Hudson

4 of 7 people in the Montgomery Family
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Weston's first time ever at the Ocean

I think he liked it!

Bristol's first time touching the ocean...

and she loved it too!

Graham's first time touching the ocean

and he didn't like it at first.

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Fun Cousins

Best Friends!

Graham loved playing in the sand but wasn't quite sure of the water.

Having fun in the Sand

The Montgomery's...minus the twins.

For Christmas this year Nana and Papa surprised the Montgomery Family (Wyatt's sister and fam) with a trip to California to stay with us and to take their 3 older kids to Disneyland. None of their kids have ever been to California, Disneyland or ever to the Ocean. They were all so excited to come and we were all so excited to show them a good time, California style! The kids loved Disneyland...we just did the first day with them because I was absolutely wiped out by the end of the night.  On Saturday we all went to Manhattan Beach and unfortunately it was only 63 degrees there so we were all a little on the chilly side. But despite the weather, the kids still had a blast! Thanks for coming and visiting with us Nana, Papa and Montgomery's. Hope you had as much fun as we did!


  1. Two things. Where were the twins and was that you I saw on tower of terror miss preggos?

  2. @Dallasand Jessica...Jessica's sister in law watched them in Arizona for her and was me on Tower of Terror. And my little girl was going crazy in my belly. After that ride you will be glad to hear that I didn't go on anymore BIG rides. I had to go with Hudson for his first time!

  3. You are so good at taking pictures of everything. I need to be more like that.