Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day!

kisses for daddy on father's day!

My wonderful Daddy

Hudson thinks he has to squint his eyes to smile :)

riding the Finicular down to the Beach

For Father's Day we spent the day at the BeachHouse with some of our family, went to church, had a yummy BBQ and went to Strands Beach and rode the Finicular down to the beach and went on a beautiful walk and took some cute pics!
I am so grateful for my Dad and the wonderful example he is in my life. He is such a hard worker and can do almost anything. Thanks for being the best Papa and Dad to all of us. We love you! Wyatt is also the BEST father to our boys. He loves them so much and they love him back even more. Crew and Hud look up to him in so many ways and I know they want to be just like him. Their favorite part of the day is when Wyatt pulls up to our house from school; they always have to run outside to greet him. Thanks for being such an amazing father to our boys. I appreciate all you do to help raise our boys.

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  1. So fun!!! I can't believe how grown up your boys are! Funny what four years can do. Remember this?