Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome Home Kyle

Welcome Home Kyle..we missed you!Our Family waiting for Kyle in the Airport...Kyle's first stop home from the mission...In-N-Out. Crew couldn't get enough of the ketchup Breaking Kyle back into "real" lifeKyle came home with I thought I would help him out a littleCrew just adores his Uncle Kyle. They are truly the best of buds...
Mommy and the bugs enjoying the sunSharlie and I on her Blessing Day.
Silly Cousins
Crew and Bristol...

Kyle came home from his mission on August 27 from Vera Cruz, Mexico. We have loved having him back home. He had never seen Crew in person before so the two of them are having so much fun together. Crew is obsessed with his Uncle Kyle. If our doorbell rings, he yells..."Kyle, Kyle" and runs to the door. It is the cutest thing ever. Randee and Beegh were also in town so it was nice getting to spend some time with them and meeting little Sharlie. She is such a cute baby and gives me my little girl fix. While they were here they decided to bless Sharlie at Beegh's parents house. It was so nice to be there for her special occasion. Thanks so much Randee for taking such cute pictures while you were here. We miss you guys already.


  1. Crew is the cutest little boy I have ever seen! Jenny you look so cute all pregnant too!

  2. hi! you look great! How are you enjoying your new house? where is it? are you getting ready for baby #2?

  3. Missionaries are so cute when they come out of it! look too beautiful for 9 months pregnant! Knock it off...GOSH!

  4. Hi Dannels! How are ya? Congrats on the interview to USC Wyatt! I sent you a text with Brad's phone number and wanted to make sure you got it. He would be happy to talk to ya and answer questions if you want. Good luck with the interview!
    BTW- your little guy is so adorable:)

  5. I think Crew is going to be the next BRAD PITT. No joke. He is so stinkin' cute!