Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good times in California

Crew and I took a well needed 10 day vacation to California this past week. We flew into Sacramento on Father's Day to stay at my parents house and on Wednesday we drove down to Orange County to stay at the BeachHouse for a week. It was so much fun. It seemed like we were always busy whether it was shopping, playing at the beach, laying out by the pool, hanging out in LA and of course eating yummy Mexican Food. It was so nice to have all of my sisters together and almost all of my nieces and nephews there. We missed you Rick, Kelly and Kendal...Hope you had a great experience in China!


  1. Well it looks like you had a blast yourself... I wanna spend a week at the beach! We'll just have to plan another Grants Farm day soon! It was way fun so we'd love to do it again with you.

  2. Hey California girl!!! Your slide shows are so stinking cute!!! Looks like you and crew had a blast at the beach!! I'm sooo jealous!