Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas 2007

Just checking out what Santa brought him...Daddy showing Crewbug how to play Basketball
We've got a Natural!
So precious!
Thanks Nana for my book...i love it!
Weston and Crew in their matching shirts
Can everyday be this exciting?
More toys...
Stocking Treats

We had such a great Christmas this year. We spent this holiday with Wyatt's family. It was fun having Beegh and Randee home for Christmas. We miss them and very rarely get to see them since they now live in Ohio. We were able to talk to Elder Dannels on the phone and it was neat hearing all of his stories. It is so crazy that he is coming home this YEAR! It also was fun having some of our friends here for the holidays and seeing them as well. Crew had a great 1st Christmas and was spoiled by his Nana, Papa, Mimi and Papa and his parents. He has so many new fun toys to play with that he can never decide which one to use. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope everyone had a great New Year!


  1. How cute is he!?! I love that age....they seem so fun!

  2. Crew is so cute. Looks like such a fun Christmas. I also love those paintings/pictures of the temples. Is there a website to find them? I wont one.

  3. oh I'm sad we didn't do CHristmas in Arizona...It wouls have been great to see ya! Next year we'll be there and you'll be in Cali I bet.
    Well I love the Christmas PJ's. You look great with the blond hair by the way. Hi Wyatt :)

  4. Cute blog, cute baby, cute house... Love it! Glad you had a good Christmas... I can't wait for Deacon to get excited about Christmas! :)

  5. i love crews p.j's, and your p.j. bottoms. so cute! sorry im just commenting on this now.