Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Training with Mimi & Papa

We went and ate at Pinnacle Peaks up in the middle of no where per my parents request and if you wear a tie in, they will cut it off and hang it from the ceiling. It was a very fun atmosphere to be in.

Just in front of the restaurant out in the Desert...literally!

Mimi sure has the touch with Crew. She can get him to calm down anytime! Crew wishes we lived closer. We love Mimi & Papa.

My mom & dad came into town this weekend to go to some Spring Training games and unfortunantly listen to Wyatt and I give talks in Sacrament meeting. Not only did we have to prepare our talks this week we also had to prepare our first primary lesson for our Valiant 9 class. We love our class, the kids are so cute. Well, we always have so much fun when my parents come and visit. Crew just can't get enough of his Mimi...she sure does spoil him.


  1. sorry we missed your talks! i'm sure they were great though. that's fun that your parents were able to come down to see you. don't you just love the role that grandparents play in your kids' life?! :) i sure do!

  2. I had to speak this last sunday also! In fact, I had to plan the entire sacrament meeting...it was a YW sacrament and since I am the President, I had to teach the Laurels to boot. I feel your pain! How did your talks go? Was this your first official talk in a family ward? I am sure you did well. We miss you, what is going on with Puerto Rico? Give Crew a kiss for me! Love you all, Kelly

  3. Is that the same Pinnacle Pete's that was in Roseville? That place had great ribs and beans.

  4. thats fun your parents came to visit you guys! i want to come down and visit too. i hate this whole work thing. i can never go when i want too. you look so cute in all your pictures. your whole little family looks so cute too! where are you guys moving to?